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Welcome to the Tibetaner

A piece of Tibet in your neighborhood

Soup Bowl

Discover Momos

Enjoy our filled dumplings – traditionally steamed or fried, with delicious meat and vegetable filling.


Pasta variety

Experience our handmade noodles, prepared Tibetan style and served with a selection of meat and vegetables.


Soups and More

Immerse yourself in the world of our traditional soups, wok dishes with rice or udon noodles and our crispy fried dishes


A proverb from Tibet


"A smile that you send out comes back to you"

These words reflect our belief that hospitality and warmth are deeply rooted not only in Tibetan culture, but also in every dish we serve. At Tibetan, we strive to continue this tradition of warmth and sharing.

Every time you enter our restaurant, our goal is to greet you not only with delicious flavors, but also with a smile that, as the saying goes, comes back to you. We invite you to be part of our journey where every meal is more than just a meal - it is a celebration of Tibetan culture, hospitality and shared smiles.


We also welcome spontaneous visits! If you don't have a reservation, just drop by - we'll be happy to offer you a nice spot

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